North Bay Village

North Bay Village

It's been roughly over a decade since North Bay Village has seen any significant residential developments or growth other than the occasional new single family home build or Moda which is a leasing only building. Prior to that it was Eloquence on the Bay, Cielo and 360 to name a few.

The lack of new developments have made North Bay Village stay off of the radar for the majority of people in South Florida. So much so, that I mention where I live and where my office is, and some people who are Florida natives have no idea where North Bay Village is... but that's all about to change!

"North Bay Village is a thriving waterfront community situated between the cities of Miami and Miami Beach in the middle of Biscayne Bay.

With roughly 4.75 miles of private and public property along the water, North Bay Village boasts one-of-a-kind views and opportunities for its residents, visitors and businesses.

Home to several of South Florida’s most popular restaurants, two family-friendly playgrounds and a dog park for canine companions, the Village’s more than 8,000 residents are within walking distance to unique recreational and social experiences.

Although the Village’s three islands—Harbor, North Bay and Treasure—may only cover 525 acres, their history holds a deep connection to South Florida history. Its nightlife attracted celebrities like Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland. Dean Martin even opened his own night club along Kennedy Causeway, which connects the Village to its neighboring cities."

I've operate my business out of NBV for over 10 years and recently have been telling my investors and clients that now is the time to put their money into this incredible island community. Why?

Because there are over $2B of new developments about to be built or currently being built. (7128 West, and Shoma Bay which will include a rooftop bar and a Publix) which I think will drastically increase property values of the existing condos and homes.

Not to mention the VIEWS! I've been saying it for years... NBV has some of the most underrated waterfront views in all of Miami! This is truly the LAST WATERFRONT HIDDEN GEM in Miami where you can buy a waterfront condo for under $500/sqft and an open bay single family home for under $6.5m - but for how long?

Here's all of the listings for sale in North Bay Village

Contact Andrea if you are interested in investing in North Bay Village or Shoma Bay.

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