How to Sell your Home Fast

How to Sell your Home Fast

7-ish Tips for Getting your Home Sold Quickly

There are many reasons why it may be time to sell your home. If you have decided now is the time and need it sold quickly definitely keep reading.

Fresh Paint

Fresh paint can make a home look recently updated and gives life and freshness to the room. Paint also holds scent- from smoking, cooking, and animals. When you freshly paint your home you not only make it look better but also smell fresher. A fresh coat of paint on the exterior helps as well- it will give it curb appeal and make the property look better maintained. Try sticking to neutral colors if you aren't using an interior decorator to help you. White is always a safe bet.

Update Kitchen and Bathrooms or Price it Right... choice is yours

Yes, this is a two in one. If your home hasn't seen an upgrade or renovation since within the last 10-15 years and you are expecting top dollar than think again. Installing a new $200 dishwasher and laminate countertops do not count as a kitchen renovation, nor will it yield you renovated prices. If you are selling your home as is, then price it aggressively so that you get multiple offers at or above list price. Don't price it at market value and wonder why it's not selling, or showing.


In South Florida we like to live an outdoor lifestyle as much as possible. When you have an outdoor space that is not fulfilling it's full potential you are really doing your property listing a disservice. Families and buyers in general are always looking for their outdoor space to be their sanctuary and retreat. If it's not beautiful or offering privacy or entertainment then try adding some foliage, palms, or greenery, or even an outdoor dining area if possible to create an experience that will help the buyer see a future there.


Buyer's have a hard time wanting to purchase a property that they can't feel comfortable walking through. If your home has a lack of shelf and countertop and tabletop space - go ahead - look around... then you need to declutter. The only thing that should be on your surfaces while your home is listed is decorative items that are setting a scene or ambiance. I know this is a hard one for most people to grasp because no one likes to be told their prized possessions aren't aesthetically pleasing- but in the world of fast sales- blunt truth reins supreme. And I'll be the first to tell you what you need to put in storage or hide and if you need to get some better décor. Also- the photos for your listing will turn out much better if you have minimalism as the theme of your property - it's easy for us to add some virtual staging on a blank wall, it's not easy to photoshop all of your amazon purchases out of the picture.

Purposefully Decorate/Stage

Referring to the previous point, make sure all of your décor items have a purpose and flow together. If decorating isn't your forte and you can't tell if an item belongs, you should likely just store it away somewhere and allow your Realtor to help you decorate/stage certain areas.


The photos on the MLS is the first thing a buyer's agent or a buyer will see to get them interested in the property. If you don't have good photos you won't have as many customers or interested buyers. It is no longer 2021 where we could put a picture of a toilet from an i-phone on the MLS and it would sell site unseen for over asking price. Marketing is important, and the more eyes on the property the better chance you have of selling it quickly. Make sure your agent has a marketing plan and vision for how to advertise your property.


Pricing is the number one factor for selling a property quickly. If your home is not priced right for what the market is doing and the current condition of the property then it will just sit there wasting you time and money. Interviewing multiple Real Estate Agents for your listing and going with the one that can sell it for the highest price can be a huge disservice to your valued time and property. The real value lies in an agent that is experienced in the neighborhood, honest about the condition of the property, and realistic about the value of the property.

In any situation you find yourself in, an experienced agent is key to helping you achieve your goals. Learn more about how to determine if now is the time to sell your home by contacting us today.

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